Electrode welding power source


EWM covered electrode welding processes and functions:

  • Hotstart: Prevention of melting defects at the start of the weld seam by briefly increasing the current at the start of the weld.
  • Arcforce: Adjustable arc dynamics from soft to hard.
  • Anti-bonding: Prevention of electrode annealing by briefly stopping the welding current.
  • Cel: 100% safe downward welding with all cellulosic electrodes.
  • Covered electrode pulses: Welding vertical up welds without using the “Christmas tree technique” with reliable fusion of the root base.
SODEC-EWM-Générateur de soudage à électrodes

Electrode welding power source

  • Pico 160
  • Pico 160 cel puls
  • Pico 162 MV
  • Pico 180 puls
  • Pico 220 cel puls
  • Pico 300 cel
  • Pico 300 cel pws
  • Pico 350 cel puls
  • Pico 350 cel puls pws
  • Pico 400 cel puls
  • Pico 400 cel puls pws

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