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As a specialist in the integration of welding and cutting solutions, SODEC WELDING SOLUTIONS provides you with the right product for your needs, with or without the integration service package. You will find all the manual cutting equipment from Victor Thermal Dynamics here, offering powerful solutions to help optimise your workshop productivity.

Since plasma cutting pioneers James Browning and Merle Thorpe founded Thermal Dynamics in 1957, Thermal Dynamics’ cutting edge experience is combined in every product.

Thermal Dynamics provides innovative and high-performance solutions. Thermal Dynamics is the solution professionals seek when cutting mild steel and non-ferrous materials for superior cutting quality, speed, ease of use and overall productivity.

SODEC-VTD-Coupeur plasma cutmaster 40

Cutmaster 40 plasma cutter

With a new ergonomic design, the Cutmaster 40 offers best-in-class portability without sacrificing performance.

The Cutmaster 40 offers remarkable power for a machine of this size.

12 mm drilling and cutting capacity, and a maximum separation cut of 16 mm, with a duty cycle of 35% at 40A

SODEC-VTD-Cutmaster 60i

Cutmaster 60i

The Cutmaster 60i and SL60QD™ 1Torch® torch perfectly combine user experience, cutting-edge technology and smart design. The Cutmaster 60i, with its SL60QD 1Torch torch, is a very powerful machine with the best power-to-weight ratio in its class and also produces the longest cutting arc, while offering increased capabilities and a great user experience in any application.

20 mm drilling and cutting capacity, and a maximum separation cut of 38 mm, with a duty cycle of 55% at 60A

SODEC-VTD-Coupeur plasma cutmaster true

Plasma cutter Cutmaster TRUE series

Combine all these market leading features in a compact, efficient and portable power inverter design with a full range of packaged accessories and you obtain the ultimate complete professional range for construction, mining, shipbuilding, rental and other industrial applications.

Drilling and cutting capacity from 20 mm to 40 mm

SODEC-VTD-Coupeur plasma Pack 200i

Plasma cutter Pack 200i

The PAK-200i is a powerful 200A liquid cooled dual gas plasma cutting system, suitable for heavy duty cutting applications up to 70mm.

40 mm drilling and cutting capacity, and a maximum separation cut of 70 mm, with a duty cycle of 100% at 200A

SODEC-VTD-Torche coupage plasma

Plasma cutting torch

The 1Torch is supplied as standard on Cutmaster systems, and has the ability to run on the majority of plasma power supplies currently on the market. Its unique design allows the 1Torch to work with high frequency starting systems.



Complete range of accessories for torch and plasma cutter.

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