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As a specialist in the integration of welding solutions, SODEC WELDING SOLUTIONS provides you with the right product for your needs, with or without the integration service package.

You can find here our EWM manual welding equipment.

EWM has been offering a complete range of state-of-the-art welding power sources of exceptional quality for over 65 years. EWM welding power sources are robust, reliable and ergonomic and offer high performance due to their high duty cycle and innovative patented welding processes. You will find the perfect welding power source for your workshop or your construction site adapted to your needs and application.

A complete range of innovative and reliable solutions for MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA and PLASMA welding processes MIG MAG, TIG, covered electrodes, plasma.

MIG/MAG welding power sources

Every welding job is different and every welder is unique, which is why EWM offers a range of multi-process, non-modular or modular MIG MAG welding power sources, with separate or integrated wire feeders, to suit any type of workshop or site.

EWM MIG MAG power sources have very high duty cycles, known to be above average ranging from 180A to 600A. 

TIG welding power sources

The entire range of EWM TIG power sources is increasingly digital and universal and offers robustness and ease of use, both in the workshop and on site.

EWM TIG power sources have very high duty cycles known to be above average, ranging from 200A to 600A.

Electrode welding power sources

EWM offers a range of compact and lightweight covered electrode power sources.  These high strength power sources are perfectly suited for work in the most difficult conditions.


The solution for demagnetising tubes and sheets for clean, interference-free welding.

Plasma welding power sources

Plasma welding is one of the most recent welding methods. The plasma welding process offers reliable arcing, a stable arc with a high energy input.

Perfectly suited for the most demanding applications in very thin thicknesses.

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