Automatic welding

Restricted or awkward accessibility, operator fatigue or irregular execution are eliminated by mechanising your production.

SODEC WELDING SOLUTIONS will assist you in your mechanised welding projects, producing the special machine adapted to your needs.





SODEC-Machine-speciale-Tour de soudage mécanisé avec double torche

Mechanised welding lathe with double torch

SODEC-Machine-speciale-Rétrofit potence SAF

Retrofit SAF boom

Perfect control of your welding cycles

Mechanised welding allows the welding cycles to be perfectly controlled by your welders.

The welder can be assisted in the welding operations for a perfect control of the energy input ensured by the stability of the welding torch and by implementing AVC joint monitoring and/or a camera perfectly adapted to the mechanical integration.

This allows the energy input to be corrected in real time, either automatically or manually, via a control panel, in order to achieve an optimum welding result.

Achieving full control of the welding cycle through mechanisation has a direct effect:

  • High production gain
  • High welding quality by eliminating the welder’s inconsistent production work
  • Optimal repeatability and therefore high profitability
SODEC-Machine-speciale-Conception 3D d’une potence de soudage double torche

3D design of a double torch welding boom


Increase production efficiency

By choosing to mechanise your TIG, MG/MAG or Plasma welding processes, you improve the performance and quality of your production.

Mechanisation is perfectly suited to overcome the difficulties of producing weld seams, when the joints of your parts to be welded are located in difficult or even inaccessible areas for your welders.

It is also suitable for large production runs and long welding lengths where optimum quality is required.

SODEC-Machine-speciale-Essais de soudage alu avec torche TIG Auto LINDE, amené de fil et AVC

Aluminium welding tests with LINDE Auto TIG torch, wire feed and AVC

Improved working conditions for maximum efficiency

The high level of strain that your welders may experience, the fatigue and stress caused by the repeatability of the welding quality required on the same series have a direct impact on the working comfort of your welders and therefore on their productivity.


By mechanising your production, the working conditions of your welders are improved and they can concentrate and focus their energy on the welding settings and parameters to achieve maximum efficiency.


Design of a welding boom with a special 1m20 long torch

Special camera for monitoring mechanised aluminium welding


SODEC WELDING SOLUTIONS, specialist in the integration of mechanised welding solutions, offers you expertise and assistance for your mechanisation projects.

1- Welding studies and tests

We work together to study your specifications with a particular focus on optimising production.

We conduct welding tests on your production parts in our workshops, in order to determine the best welding process to achieve the expected quality.

SODEC-Machine-speciale-Réalisation d’une armoire électrique pour rétrofit potence de soudage sur site client

Production of an electrical cabinet for retrofitting welding booms on customer site

2 - Engineering

Our Design Office teams include technicians and engineers who will provide expertise for the design of your mechanised machine in accordance with the criteria and constraints defined in your specifications.

The level of automation is assessed to ensure that it is tailored to your requirements.

The programming procedures are adapted to the welding processes defined during the welding tests in order to achieve optimum quality.

3 - Production

Reverse planning is applied for the entire production process and meetings are held at regular intervals so that you can monitor the progress of your machine.

Your machine is produced in our workshops in compliance with all CE standards and directives and can be certified by an inspection body.                                       

Every component used in the design, assembly, wiring or programming is subject to the manufacturer’s CE standards.

SODEC-Machine-speciale-Réalisation d’un tour de soudage TIG

Production of a TIG welding lathe

4 - Commissioning

Commissioning is carried out in your presence in our premises in order to test and validate each point before transfer to your workshops.

Our team of technicians then installs the system on your site according to the established layout. Once the system is installed, training is provided to expert users and maintenance staff, who can be contracted through our approved training organisation.

We will provide assistance during the production launch.

SODEC-Machine-speciale-Mise en service d’un chariot de soudage mécanisé

Commissioning of a mechanised welding carriage


MIG MAG welding application with orbital and linear welding carriage

Design and production of a carriage assembly for retrofitting of booms

Welding lathe with double torch gantry

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